Transplants and Fulfillment

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Quality Transplants and Fulfillment

Taming Mother Nature to grow successful starts at scale in a controlled environment is part art, part science, and all discipline. Balancing light, temperature and moisture, managing fertilization, and minimizing pests is a 24-7-365 endeavor. For farmers in the market for professional production of viable transplants, don’t trust anyone with less than our multiple generations of greenhouse growing experience.

Best-In-Class Youngstock

It’s not easy to produce healthy, uniform stock, at scale, year in and year out. From automated seeding lines to the incorporation of robotics for optimal spacing, we have our assets and workforce dialed to perform.

Scalable Propagation Services

Whether you’re seeking to raise a test plot’s worth of transplants or hundreds of acres, our services are scalable on demand. With quality and service consistent at all production levels.

Extensive Fulfillment Capabilities

Our fleet of refrigerated trucks with modular racking and optimized logistics is geared to protect, preserve, and efficiently deliver top-shelf quality.

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