Post-Harvest Services

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Critical Post-Harvest Services

Working with our agronomists will ensure you ‘design with the end in mind’ with respect to intended harvesting and preprocessing methods. And when harvest comes, HNP can provide a suite of critical services in timely manner to ensure your product is put up in proper fashion for marketing.

Efficient Drying and Preprocessing

Timely and proper hemp handling and drying post-harvest is critical to preserving CBD content and minimizing mold. HNP provides custom low-touch drying services for smokable hemp. We also maintain relationships with a network of mechanical drying service providers on a regional basis.

Secure Storage

HNP provides secure, climate-controlled hemp storage in the Rocky Mountain region, as well as contract delivery to extraction sites.

Extraction and Marketing Relationships

Hemp extraction into crude and post-processing into various distillates or isolate are not only high-tech, but very market-sensitive undertakings. HNP helps farmers choose extraction partners carefully from among our vetted network of experienced, UL-listed, and financially stable providers.