Our drying system is operational!  Our in-house engineering talent has been working on a hemp dryer solution through the summer, skunk-works style, and now it’s spooled up and ready for use, just in time for the harvest.

(As an aside, have you been watching next week’s weather forecast as closely as we have?  Huge potential impact on Colorado’s hemp harvest, resulting biomass quantities, CBD % rates, and so on … good luck everyone!)

We’re not offering use of our hemp dryer on a commercial basis, just wanted to be sure we could support our farmers this year if they needed us, which we can. Our hemp dryer is relatively passive, featuring no agitation (hopefully to minimize loss of valuable flower) and moderate airflow. If it proves out as we expect, we think that in future seasons it may be the perfect solution for producers focused on the high quality, smokable end of the CBD product spectrum.

At industrial scale, we think some sort of mechanical hemp dryer is essential, and we urge our producer friends to make sure they have dryer capacity lined up and in sync with their harvest plans: definitely don’t want your wet biomass sitting around any longer than necessary before it’s been dried, bagged and prepped for storage or processing.

But mostly, this blog post is an expression of appreciation for HNP’s engineering and operations talent:  definitely a can-do bunch of guys (What a coincidence that so many people all have the middle name “MacGyver”?  And how depressing that some of them are young enough to need that joke explained to them?)