Back for round two! We at HNP were so impressed by Beacon Hemp’s AutoBahn™ F1 hybrid last season that we partnered with Beacon Hemp again this year to be the exclusive seller of AutoBahn™.  If you haven’t heard of AutoBahn™, read on to see why we’re so impressed with these proprietary autoflower genetics!

How AutoBahn is Unlike Any Other Seed

What makes this strain so unique is its stability and uniformity. This is because hemp is innately an extremely heterozygous plant, meaning it naturally has more diverse genetics and a wider range of traits. For plants growing in the wild, this is not an issue, but from a farming perspective, unpredictable crop health and yield are issues that have wide-reaching effects on profit, compliance, and more.

As more genetics companies have come into play in the short time since legalization, they’ve had the daunting task of breeding in more homozygosity. Unlike heterozygous plants, homozygous strains like AutoBahn are more predictable and consistent, with more desirable traits like high CBD content. 

Bred for Optimal Performance with Ideal Cannabinoid Ratios 

While it is certainly important to plant consistent, high-performing CBD plants, there are unfortunately many conventional agronomic traits that have been neglected in hemp genetics… 

That is changing in real-time as the industry matures, with companies like Beacon at the forefront working to create lines that not only exhibit exemplary, yet stable CBD-to-THC ratios, but are also exceedingly hearty in the face of pests and weather, producing consistent, uniform plants over time.  It is this winning combination of high-performing commercial traits with old-school agricultural characteristics that comprise the Beacon advantage.

Carefully Selected Genetics for Top-Performing Plants

One of the ways this kind of stability is achieved — in any plant, not just hemp — is by crossing two stable, homozygous lines with each other to produce what is called an F1 hybrid. The “F” in this term comes from the Latin word “filial,” which means “directly related to a parent in the close way a child or offspring is,” while the number “1” refers to generation. In this case, since AutoBahn is first-generation, that number is one. 

With properly selected breeding lines, F1 hybrids like AutoBahn not only exhibit the best traits of their parents, but they are also inherently stronger and healthier. In addition to uniformity, the plants themselves therefore have higher survival rates — hence the term “hybrid vigor.”

What This Means for the Future of Hemp

The real players in the hemp genetics landscape have all labored for years to perfect their lines, and only the gems in their portfolios are true F1 hybrids. While the rest of the industry largely focused on perfecting different photoperiodic varieties, our seed partner Beacon Hemp has been plugging away to achieve analogous quality in autoflower strains, or day-neutral hemp.

Given the greater uniformity, predictability, manageability, and machinery-friendly nature of autoflower, their pioneering work in this category is transforming the hemp industry as we know it. Day-neutral hemp is ready to harvest in just under three months, as opposed to photoperiodic strains, which can take much longer. As a result, autoflower hemp like AutoBahn can be farmed at scale, using more conventional, mechanized techniques, all at a dramatically lower cost. 

Leading the Way in Hemp Genetics

AutoBahn was developed exclusively for HNP Farm Services by our industry partners at Beacon Hemp, a family-run company out of Northern California. 

Beacon has been growing cannabis since 2006, growing and breeding high-CBD genetics since 2012, and farming high-CBD hemp since 2016. In recent years, Beacon has emerged as a leader in the systematic application of conventional agronomic techniques to hemp, particularly autoflower varieties. This is innovative in the hemp industry because hemp farming is still relatively new from a modern agricultural perspective; the plant has yet to enjoy the decades of breeding that other crops do, for traits like vigor and pest resistance.

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