HNP is pleased to report that we’ll be offering a custom hemp seed cleaning and coating capability for the 2020 crop year. This was clearly missing from our large producers’ toolkit in 2019, so we felt it essential to get that solution in place for 2020.  We’re glad to be able to deliver.

Here are some of the advantages:

Cleaning and sizing.  We’ll be able to clean and size seed, so that our customers know exactly what to expect from what they’re planting.

Uniformity.  We’ll be able to use our coating capabilities to get our producers to a uniform seed size, enabling the sort of planting efficiencies in their hemp operations they’ve come to expect from their other crops.

Stock and custom treatments.  We’ll be able to coat with an assortment of treatments, including the custom treatments preferred by our customers.

For those of our large producer partners who want to go into the field this spring with direct seeding, we now have a hemp seed cleaning and coating solution that will help them align their hemp program with the rest of their business.

No run too small or too large (okay, maybe some runs will be too small!).