HNP is just back from the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA- truly one of the world’s premier agricultural trade shows.  Tulare affords not only the opportunity to congregate and celebrate the hemp industry with ag enthusiasts from all walks of life, it enables one to refresh one’s appreciation for the sheer magnificence of California’s Central Valley- some of the most expansive and productive agricultural land on earth.  And to experience the ingenuity, work ethic, hospitality and diversity of the people who live and work there. 

This year, Tulare welcomed a strong showing from the hemp industry, with a tented Hemp Village complete with exhibitor space and a full sound stage, as well as an additional annex to accommodate what appeared to be wild oversubscription to attend from hemp companies.  Genetics companies turned out in full force, as did a full array of downstream players from greenhouse producers to agronomists and formulators. 

The full gamut of show-goers prowled the walkways, from large scale farming operations to backyard medicinal growers, and other vendors simply seeking to check out the ‘hemp zone’.  FFA kids talked to tatted-up hipsters.  Career bioscience PHD’s explored collaboration opportunities with hemp startups.  Old timers pushed their hats up and observed the colorful array of booths covered in giant cannabis leaves with arms crossed from afar.  Conventional Ag is embracing this crop, working furiously to standardize, mechanize, and rationalize its value chain.  We are confident the American farmer will figure hemp out.  HNP can help.