Genetics and Seed

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Exceedingly High Quality Hemp Genetics

As the industry emerges from an era of mystery and hype surrounding hemp genetics, HNP’s objective is to ‘set the gold standard’ by purveying superior product backed not by smoke and mirrors, but by years of experience, plant science, and hard data. There is such a thing as superior hemp seed. Reach out to our sales team to learn more.

CBD Content and Ratios

Our autoflower and photoperiodic strains alike have superior cannabinoid content, and stable CBD-THC ratios through time. These consistent performers take the guesswork out of your planning and budgeting for this season, and those to come.

Plant Vigor and Uniformity

Our genetics likewise produce healthy, strong and uniform plants- full stop. As with any other agricultural product, better seed irrefutably results in more hearty, pest resistant and consistent plants. Let us set your hemp venture up for success by starting with premium genetics that perform solidly over the long haul.

Metrics that Matter

The financial risk profile of hemp farming peaks early season at the germination phase, and again at harvest with the threat of both pollination and THC spikes. Our genetics ensure exemplary germ and fem rates, as well as bankable CBD:THC ratios. Our autoflower varieties in particular help farmers avoid periods of high pollination risk.

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