Our team is proud to showcase our comprehensive selection of seed genetics this year. After talking to different farmers and hemp professionals around the country, we’ve learned how important it is for us to provide multiple seed options tailored to a variety of agronomic traits and distinct post-harvest goals

Here are a few of our featured strains for 2020, and why we chose them:

Maximizing Harvest Efficiency and Frequency with Autoflower Strains

For growers particularly concerned with minimizing pollination risk, for example, we provide several autoflower varieties that mature in a shorter timeframe. We recently highlighted our premier seed for the year, Auto Bahn®, and why its genetics make it a superior choice in today’s market. Auto Bahn’s smaller plants and more compact spacing also allow for more mechanical cultivation and harvest. 

However, in addition to Auto Bahn®, we offer other autoflower strains to choose from. Our team is eager to help you find the right autoflower strain for your timeline, climate, soil composition and harvesting capabilities. 

Coordinating Timeframes Between Multiple Crops with Photoperiodic Strains

While we are particularly excited by the potential of autoflower in hemp (which is why we discuss it so often!), we do continue working with our partners to identify and include high-quality photoperiodic strains in our line-up. Photoperiodic varieties respond to changes in the ratio of light-to-dark during the season, resulting in a longer growth stage before the plant receives enough dark hours to start flowering. For farmers set up to manage THC risk, choosing photoperiodic hemp can mean the opportunity for your crop to put on more biomass.

If you’re still deciding between photoperiodic and autoflower hemp, get in touch with our sales team at sales@hnpfarm.com.  

Managing High-CBD Content with THC Compliance

We’ve been particularly impressed with how our Swiss partners at Puregene AG have developed certain cannabinoid-specific hemp strains while taking THC regulations into consideration. For hemp growers, “testing hot” on THC is no laughing matter — there just isn’t much room for error, and failing to keep THC under .3 percent can jeopardize entire grow operations. Particularly so when growing hemp for smokable flower.

For growers who want to minimize THC risk in a whole flower crop as much as possible while still targeting high CBD percentages, we recommend Purgene AG’s Pure CBD Lite strain, which was specifically formulated to stay compliant. This strain offers high CBD content and flowers with high resin content, giving farmers more versatility in how they can sell their product when the time comes, including a product that we expect will be attractive for the smokable market

Adapting to Dynamic Market Conditions and Shifting Cannabinoid Demand with High-CBG Options

Hemp is still evolving and it’s important to differentiate between industry trends and true shifts in consumer demand. Researchers have started identifying new benefits and applications of the other non-psychoactive cannabinoids that occur naturally in hemp. We’re already starting to see how this is impacting farmers’ goals for growing hemp. 

Following a strong and sustained interest in growing high-CBG plants, we are proud to be working with Puregene AG to include their Pure CBG seed in our 2020 line-up. This strain stands out for its impressive CBG output, with flowers averaging about eight percent as opposed to the three or four percent we see in other strains. We say it pretty often, but it still rings true: seed genetics matter

Supporting Farmers with Superior Genetics and Comprehensive Cultivation Services

These are just some of the factors we’ve taken into consideration while building our 2020 seed line-up. We’re always continuing to build out our full suite of products and services, keeping the best interests of farmers in mind.

For more information about our current offerings for 2020, head to our online catalog or contact HNP Farm Services today.