Custom Hemp Drying

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Custom Hemp Drying Services

Regardless of your harvesting method or desired end product, HNP Farm Services has a tailored drying solution at-the-ready, to preserve maximum oil and terpene content. From whole plants to chopped biomass to premium colas, our flexible and reliable systems and methods are designed to accommodate and dry your product to consistent spec, time and again.

Tunnel Drying System

Passive Tunnel System

HNP’s enclosed tunnel system encapsulates modular racking that can be vertically spaced according to the incoming form factor, density and moisture content of your product. Ambient air at indoor temperatures is exhausted through the enclosed tunnels, venting directly outside to ensure thorough drydown at a controllable pace and temperature. Our tunnels’ passive design avoids the product degradation risk posed by the potential overheating or overtumbling that can occur in mechanical systems.

Hemp on open air drying hooks

Open Air Hooks

Hand harvesting whole plants? Or, is your field-drying strategy threatened by an early storm? We’ve got you covered. HNP’s hook and fan system can accommodate whole plants as well. Roof venting throughout our state of the art greenhouses additionally maintains consistent air flow.
Fleet of trucks and a loading bay

Pickup and Delivery

Weather tough to predict? Mechanical issues with your equipment? Last minute changes in labor availability? Perfectly orchestrating all the requisite resources at harvest time is difficult at best, and nothing ever goes as planned. We get it. The last factor you need in this unwieldy equation is unreliable transportation. We own and manage our own fleet of tractors and trailers, and can fulfill just-in-time pickup requests within a day’s drive of metro Denver. Put your freshly-harvested crop in HNP’s hands during this critically sensitive phase in its life cycle, and put your fears of post-harvest product degradation to rest.