Seed Conditioning and Coating

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Custom Seed Conditioning & Coating

Our professional seed conditioning services can be run on a batch basis, or at scale for larger acreages. For any order, our team of experts with decades of seed coating experience will work with you to craft treatments to spec, incorporating your favorite additives while adhering to best practices and learning from hemp farmers nationally.

Enhanced Flowability

Direct seeding at scale depends on uniform, stable product that can be put through conventional plates for automated drilling. Our state of the art machinery, human expertise and coating protocols ensure batch accuracy within minute tolerances time after time.

Germination Support

As all farmers know, you only have so many planting seasons in a lifetime, and the magic is in the mix. From inception, germination media are highly predictive of crop success. Ask our experts to advise on the right recipe for your chosen varietal, soil, and region.

Specialized Additives

You know your land, its weather patterns and history best. Help us understand the tried and true constituents that have worked well for you with other crops in the past, and we’ll adapt them accordingly for hemp.

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