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Agronomists with Real Ag Roots

HNP understands the essence of the farmer’s mission lies in what happens in-field. Having the right support for the crop at hand is critical in the context of specific soil and climate characteristics, and in the face of ever-evolving weather events. We’re confident our experienced agronomists will become an integral member of your team.

Real Farming Orientation

HNP’s agronomics partner is first and foremost rooted in real, old-school agriculture, with a methodology that is time-tested and data-driven. From genetics to plant nutrition and fertilization, to plant protection and pest prevention, our partner’s rigorous approach ensures superior yields. We also counsel on field design and layout, harvesting methods and post-process harvest and handling techniques to ensure smooth operation at every stage of production.

Boots on the Ground

Our team of licensed agronomists live near you. They are knowledgeable in the history and particulars of farming in your area, and are accessible to your farm in-person as well as by phone/webcast as needed. Being likewise familiar with the players and culture of your region, they are at-the-ready to help you implement hemp best practices on your home turf.

National Reach

As hemp itself fully nationalizes from a regulatory perspective, our reach is becoming truly national in scope. With local resources in place to ensure authentic relationships, our team also employs a consistent, proprietary methodology that leverages a technology platform to ensure efficiency and consistency from coast to coast.

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