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Believe that genetics matter most?

Photoperiodic Hemp

HNP Farm Services is repping a curated selection of high-quality photo lines this season. Contact sales@hnpfarm.com for details.

Smokeable Flower

For the increasingly popular high-end market for smokable hemp flower, HNP has likewise identified the best strains. Contact sales@hnpfarm.com to learn more.


Details TBA


HNP Farm Services offers commercial-scale transplant production on every seed variety in our catalogue.  In the quantities you need, delivered directly to your farm, in accordance with your schedule.  Unsure what to select?  We’re happy to offer advice on what would work well for your region.  Have something specific in mind?  We’ll grow to order from your seed. Reach out to sales@hnpfarm.com today.

Seed Conditioning and Coating

HNP Farm Services offers our standard conditioning and coating services to enhance flowability through most standard, mechanized planters. We can also coat to spec, incorporating your preferred additives. Contact sales@hnpfarm.com for details.

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