Taking hemp from niche to mainstream


With both the science and market maturing, the time has come for big agriculture to embrace industrial hemp. HNP enables farmers to seamlessly manage the risk of transition to this crop of the future.


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Premium Genetics and Seed

In development since before hemp’s pilot era, our photoperiodic as well as day-neutral strains have been selected for high-performance and consistency across multiple climate zones.

Seed Conditioning and Coating

Customizable to farmer specs, our premium seed conditioning and coating services protect your investment from the get-go by ensuring best-in-class germination rates and exceptional young plant health.

Quality Transplants and Fulfillment

Not all hemp seedlings are created alike. Backed by four generations of top-tier national greenhouse production, our transplants are professionally produced at-scale in our 35 acres under glass.

Professional In-Field Support

A successful seed-to-sale cycle needs a trusted advisor who listens intently, provides on-point advice, and ensures timely follow-through. Meet our expertly trained and certified national agronomics team.

Efficient Drying and Preprocessing

Hemp drying and preprocessing requirements depend on a number of factors, from climate zone to harvesting conditions and methods, to extractor specs. Don’t leave this critical step in your revenue cycle to chance with unprofessional, unplanned, or undersized drying solutions.

Extraction & Marketing Relationships

The hemp industry’s worst growing pains as the market takes shape are lack of liquidity for farmers and volatility in the price of hemp. Pre-partnering with experienced extractors that have established downstream supply relationships is key to getting the most for your crop.

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About Us

HNP Farm Services was founded on the conviction that the hemp industry has unprecedented opportunity in the hands of America’s farmers. Our leadership’s track record of conventional ag, horticultural, and ag financing experience exceeds 50 years. Headquartered in Colorado, our transplant and seed coating capabilities are national in reach, as is our network of boots-on-the-ground agronomists.

Focus on the Farmer

HNP’s integrated portfolio of products and services was built to address farmers’ pain points throughout the value chain. From exceptional genetics to cultivation support to post-harvest marketing, we set farmers up for success by de-risking industrial hemp where it matters most.

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